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Our skilled and factory trained certified service technicians are here for you to provide the best experience possible.

The Leading Firefighter and First Responder Equipment Provider

Our mission is that the men and women of the Canadian First Responder and AG体育网页版 Industries are supplied with quality products so that they may be protected from occupational dangers. Browse through our top vendors, shop our online store, or request a quote for any product you see!

Lambton College Program

Durham College Program


Find out why the all new MSA G1 SCBA is taking the fire service by storm. With features promoting increased situational awareness, loud and clear communications, reduced fatigue, and future technological enhancements, you will quickly see why the MSA G1 is the only choice in SCBA.

Task Force Tips

Task Force Tips saves lives and protects property by designing and manufacturing innovative tools which exceed the expectations of those that risk their lives to save others.

LION Training Props

Training products that can be used for fire department training drills and large scale training sessions. LION puts the training power in the hands of the instructor with versatile products that can be used over and over again.

In-House & Mobile Servicing

Contact Us to schedule a mobile technicians visit, or fill out our form to submit a repair request. We provide servicing for MSA, Genesis, TFT, Streamlight, LION, Irwin Air, and much more!

Get The Gear You Need

We have everything your team needs to get the job done.

AJ Stone Knowledge Base

Benefit from our wealth of knowledge. We take pride in maintaining a high level of knowledge for us and for our customers. We update our knowledge base regularly to ensure you have the most current information about our products, services and more. Sign up to our newsletter to get the newest updates direct to your inbox.

What our Customers Say

Thanks for the great customer service and I know our firefighters are looking forward to using this quality @MSAAG体育网页版 SCBA for years to protect them.
Dutton/Dunwich Fire Department @DuttonDFire
Congratulations to Bill and Debbie Stone of @AJStoneCompany on winning the 2022 Alf Stone Award - Awarded to those who demonstrate qualities of leadership, honesty, respect and exhibit the same work ethic as the late Alf Stone.
OAFC @ONFireChiefs
Each year we get helmets, boots, gloves and bunker gear for 20 firefighters. We make sure our gear is replaced every 10 years as per NFPA guidelines. Thank you @RyanPeckAJStone for coming to size our new gear! @AJStoneCompany
Muskoka Lakes Fire Department @MuskokaLakesFD
Awesome joint project between @PortHopeFire and Cameco Corp to protect our staff and provide top notch public AG体育网页版! Thanks AJ Stone and MSA.
Dan Smith @d_chief_smith
MLFD out strutting our stuff. We took delivery of our new Paratech rescue stabilization struts. With a maximum load of up to 40,000 lbs this kit covers everything from small vehicles to large commercial vehicles. Thank you @AJStoneCompany for the support.
Muskoka Lakes Fire Department @MuskokaLakesFD
@Douro_Dummer Fire Services put new MSA G1 SCBAs from @AJStoneCompany into service last week! CBAs help protect firefighters by giving them breathable air while they work in dangerous environments.
Township of Douro-Dummer @Douro_Dummer
Thank you to Ryan and @AJStoneCompany for the delivery of our new Genisis spreader and cutter extrication tools. We look forward to training!
Rama Fire Rescue Service @RamaFireRescue
Thank you @RoryHuntAJS for providing training to @wainfleetdc, @ConradBeckingh2 & @WainfleetTowns1 Fire Services Officers on our new #MSA #Altair4XR & #GalaxyGX2 gas detection systems donated by @Enbridge & @WaldanGardens
Fire Chief M. Alcokc @FC_Alcock

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Why Are Firefighters Choosing the MSA G1 SCBA?

Why Are Firefighters Choosing the MSA G1 SCBA?

A firefighter's self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is their first and most important tool against airborne contaminants. Read on to find out why the MSA G1 is AJ Stone's preferred choice for firefighters and first responders.
Read more
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